Changing Default Unit System

Does anyone know how to change the default unit system for newly created parts? Currently, my installation of Solidworks creates every new part in metric units, but my current project is all english units. So for every new part I create, I have to change the units in Tools --> Options --> Document Properties --> Units.

You need to change the document properties of the default part template files to use Imperial units.

It’s typically named part.prtdot and is found in a path similar to this: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data emplates\Part.prtdot

Open that file as you would any other part, then take the following steps:

Select the Tools menu -> Choose Options -> Select right tab, “Document Properties” -> Select Units -> Change to IPS and make other changes as needed -> Save As and change file extension to Template (prtdot) -> Save back to original path.

You may be able to just save the template file you’ve opened rather than doing a “Save As,” but I’m not about to try it and break my templates :slight_smile:

Thanks! That worked great!

Thank you very much

While this fix worked great in 2007, I’m having trouble doing the same thing in Solidwork 2009-2010 edition. I can’t find a template file anywhere on my computer like there was in the 2007-2008 version. Anyone know how to do this?

Because of changes to the operating system, the templates are stored in documents and settings, all user, solidworks
This folder is a hidden folder and you will have to show it.

Also go to Tools, Options, System Options, File Locations. There you will see the default location for your templates. It might have to be changed.


this might not always be true…

best option i feel is to, when opening a part or assembly, prt, asm file, change the file type to template, it usually finds the file and the directory.

From here, change all necessary areas, units, dimensions, callouts, etc. then save. this will save the start template over the original

also, once you enter SOLIDWORKS, if you arrange the icons/menus to the way you like them, exit out. this will save them and their locations for future use.

good luck … :slight_smile: