Changing dimensions of downloaded base

Our base is about 3" wider than the long base, so I’ve been trying to modify the downloaded bases in Inventor. It seems like if I could lengthen Sheet Metal Front-Back_19 and Churro cross link and Screws_20 by 3" each, everything would be fine. I’ve tried to Direct Edit them, but that creates a mess. When I resize the parts, the extra material just hangs off the sides. I’ve looked at the help screens which make it seem like I ought to be able to cut a part in the middle along a plane and then extend it, but the downloaded parts have no faces or individual features I can work with. Is there some way to adjust the dimensions of the base?

I don’t know enough CAD to be of direct help, but some questions for which the answers will help those who can:

  • Are you referring to the AM 14U2? If not, what?
  • From what url did you get your “downloaded base” CAD files?

Here is a link to the same question. There is a sample file located in one of my responses. Direct Edit is the correct work flow.

If you are having issues, send me the name of the part file and I will edit the part for you.