Changing IP & Default Code

We are attemping to deploy code to the cRIO, but it is defaulting to for the IP. This is not our robot’s IP and we cannot figure out how to change it.

Additionally, DefaultCodeProject is not present on our computer. We have looked everywhere and toyed with the installation files, but we cannot find it. We are currently trying to use some sample code that another team uploaded, but it would be greatly appreciated if someone could point us toward a download for the default robot code template.

You’ll need to set your team number. Are you using NetBeans? If so, this is set under the preferences.

In Netbeans, you have to click on “New Project”, not “Load Project”, in order to see the DefaultCodeProject.

To set the team number, click on Tools->Options->Miscellaneous. There is a box for the team number on the FRC Configuration tab.

I have been clicking on “New Project.” It is not there.

FRC Java

Samples --> FRC Java

DefaultCodeProject does not exist. In addition to these two locations in the NetBeans “New Project” dialog, we have actually run a search for it through the entire hard drive. We do not have it.

Thank you. We were able to change the IP.

We are having the same problem. We open Netbeans, and we followed the directions, but the default program is not on our computer. Where can we go to find that program. :confused: :eek:

It doesn’t sound like you have the latest Java SDK. Newer demo code has been added since the initial release.

Follow the directions on, under
“Getting the Software” to update both the latest NetBeans modules and
the “mandatory LabVIEW update”.

If you think you already have the latest modules and they are still not showing up, please check the version.datestamp in the file in your sunspotfrcsdk directory. The latest version is 201002042135 => 2010/02/04 2135