changing position of air intake on cylinders

We are working here in are shop trying to figure out our new climbing mechanism and we were wondering if it possible to rotate the air intake hole on are pistons? we are using Parker pneumatic cylinders and the intake holes are facing 90 degrees the wrong way.

What kind of cylinders are they? Look in the catalogue and post a description, with the model number. You might even find the manual there.

If it’s a non-repairable cylinder, you probably can’t—but you might be able to order a version with ports shifted.

I am unable to find it in their catalog, the only thing I can find on the cylinder that might be a part# is 2.00dxpsr03.0

This is what it looks like:

we node the 2 holes for the air to rotate 90 degrees so they are offset from the mounting hole on the bottom

CAD you may not modify pneumatic parts. Sorry. You can find 90 degree ports though.

thanks for the reply we didn’t think so we are just designing a bracket to allow us to mount it 90 degrees from where it currently is.

Just to clarify—because I didn’t forget about this very important provision—while you may not modify them, there is every indication that you are allowed to assemble pneumatic parts into configurations described by the manufacturer. (Consider solenoid valves, for example.)

Many repairable and special-purpose cylinders are capable of being assembled in multiple configurations. If you could show that the manufacturer supports that configuration (e.g. with the part manual), I would allow it.

As for the cylinder you posted, no, it can’t be modified in the way you desire. The crimped seams can’t be non-destructively rotated. Check Bimba’s catalogue—I believe they offer their (essentially identical) Original Line cylinders with ports rotated 90°.