changing robot's angle/elevation

As per the rules, bumpers must be placed on the robot in normal configuration at less than 7" from the top edge to the floor.

If the robot were to utilize air cylinders that lifted one side of the robot changing it’s angle for delivering yellow cube. Would that count as extending the bumpers above the 7" limit? The temporary change in angle is not the robot’s normal configuration.

What is your input?

7.5" for the top of bumper as modified by team update 2. (R24)
You might want to download the latest version of the rules manual.

I don’t believe what you propose would be legal.
You’d have a robot with bumpers more than 7.5" from the lowest point of the robot.

See the blue box under R24:

This measurement is intended to be made as if the ROBOT is resting on a flat floor (without changing the ROBOT configuration), not relative to the height of the ROBOT from the FIELD carpet. Examples include:

Example 1: A ROBOT that is at an angle while navigating the FIELD has its BUMPERS outside the BUMPER ZONE. If this ROBOT were virtually transposed onto a flat floor, and its BUMPERS are in the BUMPER ZONE, it meets the requirements of R24.

Example 2: A ROBOT deploys a MECHANISM which lifts the BUMPERS outside the BUMPER ZONE (when virtually transposed onto a flat floor). This violates R24.

The second example sounds exactly like what you’re describing, and it clearly states it is a violation of R24.

It might or might not help, but if you use something that lifts the wheels on the opposite side, you could change angle and comply with R24 (as the bumpers are allowed to go down to the carpet this year). If you do this, be sure you’re articulating the wheels, not the frame perimeter (chassis) - articulating the frame perimeter violates R01.

All in all, probably easier to articulate the manipulator.