Changing shooter angle?

Is anyone planning on tilting your shooter to change the angle? How are you planning to do that in combination with your storage/hopper?

We are currently hung up on transporting our frisbees to the shooter and having them enter the shooter at the shooter’s angle.

Our linear shooter will be able to change its angle vertically. Our frisbees will enter the shooter at the height parallel to the shooter when it’s horizontal. When the shooter angles up, the frisbees will simple fall into place.

We’re building one assembly, the hopper is above the shooter, they’ll both move together. The current plan is to see if we can get away with one angle for shooting, the other for driving under the pyramid/hanging at the end of the match. The hanging stuff will be integrated with the hopper/shooter assembly.

This is something we’re still trying to test. One thing that we want to see is if we need to change shooter angle, or if reducing the speed enough will allow variations in peak height.

We’re planning for two positions right now. One position for autonomous/close shots, and one for long-range shots across the field.

We are planning on doing this! Check out our prototype robot playlist for our idea. See the “Pneumatic Piston” or “Hanging Idea” to see what we thought up.

We’re hopefully going to! We just have to work on the cad for it.

We’re planning on at least a default and a steep angle. Depending on how well the vision system works, we’ll have full control from ~10 degrees to ~45 degrees. We’ve designed in a 9015 or RS-540 through a gearbox to an acme screw. If we wind up only needing 2 angles, we’ll swap in a small-bore pneumatic cylinder. Similar to what others have posted, the storage device tilts with the variable angle.

That was really good for just a prototype robot! Was that pneumatic cylinder the kind that just goes all the way in or out; or was it the kind that could stop at any point you wanted it to? It looked strange to me the way it went up just a little bit then stopped… Or was it just out of air?

We have a 3 way (don’t know the exact name) solenoid valve that allows us to stop the piston at any point. Still follows all pneumatic rules that we are aware of. Extremely handy.