Changing Team Robot Name on FirstInspires


I have been looking for a couple days and have not found where you can change the name of the robot. Currently it appear they populated it with last year’s robot name.

Anyone know where or when we will be able to change that?

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I’m not sure about the specifics but there should be a that admin code in your virtual kickoff kit.

EDIT: I don’t know about the first website, I didn’t even think it was on there.


Usually there is a space under Team Information to edit team name. Not seeing it.
I do recall an email or blog post stating that the “team essays” section of the First Inspires site was being taken down. Maybe the robot name option was there?


We had to call FIRST, and they were able to change the name for us. They told us we couldn’t change it ourselves, it’s something their system “lost” in the recent upgrade they did. I hope not everyone has to do that.


There was a blog post about this, but I cannot find it. Anyway there used to be a team information and robot section on the 1st and 2nd coaches dashboard. It was used to give judges a fact sheet for team. It was dropped for this year. The robot name was set there. So apparently it will take some one at First to change your robot’s name.


Here is the response I got when I asked FIRST about changing our robot name:

“While we encourage teams to be creative and name their robots, we no longer have a place in our system to collect this information.”

Maybe “The Blue Alliance” will let us change it there, or remove it so that it doesn’t show last year’s robot name.

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Ah, this is the first time I’ve seen some official source about FIRST deprecating the ability to enter robot names in their system. Since there is no longer an official way to change it, we can consider adding robot names to the team media admin framework we build for this season


Starting today, we did add the ability to set robot names using the TBA team media admin functionality announced for this year.

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So now here’s the million-dollar question - will the Emcee (or Game Announcer, I never can remember which is which) have the list of robot names to use during the event? Or is all of this just for the web (and just for TBA)? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad TBA is archiving this info, but I kinda wish the events had this info.


They’ll have it if you give it to them. Make it a point to let them know that (and any other interesting facts you want them to know) during your practice matches!

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im pretty sure i used the team media key on my account but i cant access our team’s tba page?