CHAOS 131, 2019 Robot CAD and CODE

This is a general thread to house the FRC 131 CAD and CODE Release.

The CAD of our 2019 Robot is available in Onshape Here:

A Link to our git repository will follow shortly.

Things we liked from this robot and would encourage others to follow and learn from:

  • West-coast Kitbot Modifications
  • Opposed Intake rollers for ball handling worked really well
  • Linked Intake gearboxes for controlled and uniform motion
  • Linear Motion system on the arm to enable exactly 1 D.O.F. without needing multiple slides

Things we recommend avoiding without really knowing what you are doing:

  • Single Support and cantilevered arm.
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Thanks for sharing, your robot was super cool last season. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with this year!

It was certainly fun to watch. We got our Router super late in the Season even though we expected it at the end of Week 1 so our design was driven by having the machine but having very few parts to make on it, hence a single-mast cantilevered arm. All the parts were designed so that we could have had a manual backup if it never came through.

Here is our Source Code repository:

…and, Here is the a parametrically driven chassis that is based on our 2019 West-Coast Kit Bot:

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