Characterizing an arm using a neo550 and a through bore

Today we will be characterizing the wrist of our intake it has a neo550 at a XX to YY gear ratio, we have a through bore encoder attached to the shaft of the wrist that is attached to the DIO on the Roborio. (that is how use use a REv through bore for absolute right? Dudycycle encoder on dio?)

Trying to figure out what the settings in sysid need to be. I know we need to limit sysid because the wrist will move fast. we were able to see movement at .12% output

I am not sure what the encoder selection should be, I don’t see a place to use the dio. or a place to oput the port number on any of the settings.

Then for units per rotation, in the logger that is the motor or the encoder?

SysID doesn’t appear to have a setting for a duty cycle encoder

That was the only way prior to 2023. However, I don’t think SysID supports the absolute encoder mode.

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Correct. SysId needs velocity measurements that aren’t provided natively by duty cycle encoders. I’ve been experimenting with a different OLS formulation for SysId that supports position data as well:

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Since Sysid does not support the absolute encoder mode, is it best to just use the integrated encoder on the NEO to use characterization?

I am trying to figure out the characterization settings for an arm, i decided to use the falcon encoder for the purposes of characterization. I can’t change the 6.2832 on the units per rotation and don’t know where it came from.

Also trying to determine a good setting for dynamic step voltage

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That’s the number of radians in 1 rotation (2pi)

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Duh! Looking at the bot too long. Tau did I ever miss that?

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you can run absolute through the spark max with either the absolute encoder breakout board or a custom wiring harness.

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