Charge station metal hinges

Hello, I am a member of FRC team 4085, We purchased the actual metal hinges instead of wood, but we are having a hard time figuring out where to install them, can anyone help?

i was also very confused about the orientation of the hinges. We made our own out of wood and aluminum and they are working fine. The Ri3d Redux team shared in one of their videos how they built their Charging Station and seeing that helped me to understand how the double hinge worked and needed to be mounted. Still need to be careful about having clearances at certain places to allow free movement.


We made our own but I’d imagine the concept is the same. I’ll try and get a picture at our meeting tonight of them installed to share. It is something like 1 block is attached to the base that’s touching the ground and the other is attached to the bottom of the charging station.

Here are the pictures from under that charging station. It shows each side for what i was trying to explain in previous post. Hope this helps.

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