Charged Up Scouting Apps

What Scouting apps are there for the Charged Up season? I searched online and I can’t find any.

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Check out Scoutradioz, our commercial grade scouting app providing scouting-as-a-service.

Introducing Scoutradioz™. FRC Scouting-as-a-Service


Team 1155 is planning on offering our scouting app Escout for the 2023 season. The version for Charged Up is in active development, but you can view a live demo of the 2022 beta at


PWNAGE Robotics - Team 2451 - has released major upgrades this year. It works offline, is easily configurable and has TBA integration.

All the details are on our GitHub page. Try our demo to get an idea of how it works.

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:thinking: A quick search in Chief Delphi reveals multiple scouting apps, many newly updated for the Charged Up season.

Some quick examples:

Edit: found another one

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Once again we are proud to offer FIRES Scouting. We are putting the final pieces together to bring you the 2023 version of FIRES Scouting for Charged Up.

We are one of the few scouting systems that track what happened (picking up, placing, scoring, etc.), the time it took to do something (cycle times), and a location on the field that something happened and so much more. All this with an easy to use Match Scouting interface.

The whole suite includes Pit Scouting (with pictures), Match scouting, Dashboard (multiple Tableau visualizations embedded into the app to help with match strategy), PickList assistant, and Admin functionality. We also utilize the vast amount of data available from the FIRST API (like some match data, match schedule, etc.), and external source data like OPR and CCWM form TBA.

Free to use and open to all teams. Try us out by registering or just simply log on and use the Guest Access for full trial functionality.

For those of you that have used FIRES in the past 9 years we have changed our URL to make it easier. Check us out at

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4099 also has a no-code scouting app with a paired visualization system

We should have a 2023 app out in a couple days but using our docs you can definitely configure your own.

We have three different parts to our scouting app.

  1. ScoutingApp is a no-code form generation tool which can build PWA forms which generate a qrcode of data. This is then scanned on the FalconScoutCore system.
  2. FalconScoutCore is a low-code app for scanning qrcodes, recording data, running data validation, and posting data to GitHub.
  • Core contains a Data Validation tool which provides general and year specific tests on data you could collect. This system protects against common errors like scouting matches multiple times.
  1. Posted data can be easily integrated into tools like Tableau or Excel/Google Sheets or FalconVis, 4099’s low-code, online, data visualization tool.

Is there a ETA and when it is live please tell me! Thanks

It’s in active development right now-I’m expecting the first version to be up by this upcoming weekend (March 11th-12th) and I’m sure we’ll be updating it leading up to our first competition on march 20th. We plan to add offline functionality a user-customizable match scouting form, which might not be finished for the first version.

My team just released a scouting app for this season: ‎Tiger Scout on the App Store

Webscout by team 1073 is free open-source software (MIT license).

It runs on a battery powered web server in the stands. Clients (tablets, phones, or laptops) upload data via ethernet connection, but can detach during matches to scout so cord clutter is minimized. It could also be run on a remote server to scout with devices connected to the internet via the mobile telephone network.

Where is it?

We’ve used Black Hawk Scouting this year and had no issues - I would recommend writing a script on a central PC to process the data downloaded from the tablets - we had a script to load our data into a SQLite database connected to tableau and it worked wonderfully.

We’ve also used FRC Krawler in the past and recommend that as well. Our biggest issue with FRC Krawler was compile time of raw data on the server PC for export.

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