Charged Up Scouting Data Collection

I’ve updated the micro:bit Scouting Tool project guide with an example app for Charged Up. It is available at FIRST Project Guide-Microbit Scouting Tool - Google Docs.

This is not a full scouting system. This is a low cost tool that teams can try out as they start getting into scouting. This tool aids in data collection. It works completely offline and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It should be used with a data analysis system to get to information to help with Match Strategy and Alliance Pick List.

This tool collects quantitative data and can be paired with a paper scouting form or Google Forms within a larger scouting system.

The Charged Up app was designed around collecting Charge Station scoring at the end of AUTO and TELEOP. It also helps count game pieces scored on the Top Row, Middle Row, and Bottom Row. It can calculate cycle times during TELEOP.

The micro:bit ( can be programmed using Microsoft MakeCode, Python, or other languages. The app I developed was programmed using MakeCode to make it accessible to newer programmers. Teams are encouraged to develop their own apps specialized to the Team’s own scouting strategy.

The document includes information from previous seasons, including FTC Powerplay and FRC Rapid React.


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