Charging Batteries

i wanted to know the method used to charge multiple batteries in one setting?

this has been talked about over the last couple days - It might not be ok with FIRST for teams to build custom battery charges anymore:

The only allowed battery chargers are the six amp smart charger or equivalent 6 amp charger. In the past FIRST shipped a 4 amp smart charger that does OK but takes longer to charge.

5.2.6 Electrical System Requirements

<R19> The 12v Battery may only be charged by a 6 Ampere rated battery charger between matches. When recharging Kit batteries, you may use the charger provided by FIRST or one with equivalent charging current.

Other than telling others to read the schematic how do i teach underclassmen about what ive done and how they can improve my methods?

PM me and let me know what you are trying to do.

something that works but i dont recomend unless in dire need is a loop; one end (+/-) of the charger on one battery and using spare wire to like batteries 2gether w/ the other charger end 2 compleate the loop; while this works 2 charge multiple batteries at once it it only as a LAST RESORT and if u do do it NEVER LEAVE IT UNATTENDED!! a wire could slip and short and start a fire; for xperts ONLY!

Our team just runs multiple battery chargers simultaneously. Normally we have 2 batteries charging at all times.

This doesn’t work on kit batteries! You can’t get enough current flowing through batteries in series to charge either of them. Use the intended chargers as intended and be patient.

when we did it we used a massive charger that is used to charge the power suplys for network backups

I just hate to be redundant but it looks simple enough but it can be dangerous, real dangerous to use equipment meant for other things to charge these batteries. Please in the future use the chargers specified by FIRST especially in the pits. I don’t want to have come to a pit to check out a really great robot, only to find a dangerous charger or other implement. An explosion or fire in the pits can take out a couple of teams and on Saturday morning, not only competitors but visitors, judges and siblings. This is not a life or death competition so don’t bring stuff that threatens life to the competition.

Yes i understand and it was only done once and i made sure it was never done again and we would never use it in comp; safte come first always and i agree about using specified accessories