Charging Station

can my robot pass through the charging station to get out of the community during tele-op?

Why wouldn’t he be able to + why would you want to


Just remember that any answers here to specific game questions are not official. Refer to the game manual and the FIRST Q&A later for official responses to all rules and rulings.
General rule of thumb, if the game manual does not specifically say you cannot do something, then you can do it.


Keep in mind the CHARGING STATION is a field structure, not a zone. I think if you’re driving through it, you’d be subject to penalties for damaging the field.

Aside from me being pedantic, there is no rule which limits when or how often you may drive over the charging station. In fact, given how easily it tilts to allow driving and how cramped the community is on the sides, I expect many teams will drive over the charge station while cycling to and from the grids.


our team believe that doing it may save some time

Can you speak Portuguese as well as megazord speaks English?


Point taken. I did fully understand OP’s intended meaning, but I also thought there was a chance that the distinction could be helpful in case there was a misconception about how the charging station was defined.
I certainly could have been less snarky and more gracious about it though, and I’ll try to do so in the future

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