chassis almost done!!!!

Here it is:

we dont have the other 2 motors we ordered, the other 2 wheels we orders, and it still needs to be wired. It rolls and we are happy about that.

looks good, you’ll be able to turn that really well

I hope so we will all see at RIT. Good luck Falcons.

yep yep see you there, good luck T RX

Are you planning on using those gear sprockets as wheels? (I hope not D: )

hey thats me in the picture!:yikes:

and no samus, we wont be using the gear sprockets as wheels :slight_smile:

Yea thats about were my team is in relation to the cahssis
waiting on motors and 2 omni wheels


Indeed we are not using the sprockets as wheels, but they will be used to make the wheels spin =P.

rolling is always good

Indeed rolling is good