Chassis Design

As it is out of season, I find it a valuable time to think about possible chassis designs.

Chassis for specific applications like:
Unidirectional control
Rough terrain
Low friction
Height Change

Of course everyone has seen omni-wheels, meccanums, and crab drive, but what I am interested in is the freaks, hybrids, mutants. The chassis set up like lobster drive and meccanum traction mix. If you have a cool chassis idea, post.

thanks, Cap’N 1711

Beyond Just what wheels one uses, there are a plethora of other factors that contribute to an admirable chassis, creativity, materials, and construction. Things like the perfect gear ratio for a spot on speed to power ratio. All of these play into the true beauty of a robot.

I am curious to see what other teams have used for construction techniques and materials.

Our robot Hyperion use a modular sub chassis setup that allowed for quick repairs and modifications. constructed out of 1/4" flat stock Aluminum and 1"x1" square tubing, the chassis was robust to say the least and was easy to work on. I really appreciated the fact that the chassis could be disassembled with about 3 tools.

So post if you have a cool robot.

One cool thing that we have in the works for this coming year is non-centered bearing blocks. a bearing block that rotates, to create 4 positions for the axle, tensioning chain and dropping the middle wheels with one device.

Ive always thought that a full crab drive (independent steering and power) with omni wheels would be cool. It would enable much much faster turning, and the vectors could be neat, the angle of the modules would also change the speed, so you could have a lot of control.

469’s gearboxes and wheels are one of the coolest things that ive seen as far as a new approach to an old problem.

Very impressed with this:

something like this applies to all of those needs.

crab drive with legs that’s a hybrid I have not seen before
too bad first implies a stationary bumper zone.

hey have you seen the team with lobster drive?

Lobster drive as in 6 wheel swerve? Yes. Team 1625 did it.

Not really
I am talking about 8 wheel tank drive.
4 forward
4 side ways on levers that adjust traction

Check out 1024’s 2010 drive train.

No, lobster drive as in lobster drive which was 1625’s 2011 drive system not their 2010 drive which was 6w swerve.

Is there an archive of all drive systems and their names? Most of the names are not very intuitive and rather silly. Take for example, the unicorn drive, I assumed it was some drive with a horn.

Nope, pretty much the inventor can call it what they want. And then I could call it something different.

A car? :stuck_out_tongue: