Chassis info

Hello guys,

We are a ruky team, and as a member of the chassis team i wanted to know if any1 got a simple diagram of a chassis.

From what i understood, using the kitbot, there are general dimentions to the robot. though, I couldn’t find some of the lengths :frowning:

I noticed the link to the chassis construction vids in the links page of’s team resources, but, apparently, the NASA site is down curently.

I don’t want to waste any time so I was wondering if any1 got those vids, as well.

Thank you very much if you help, and if you can’t, thank you for trying.
(and if you didn’t even try then, sadly, i got nothing to thank you for :confused: )

Barak Shelef,

Team#2230, Israel.

As far as assembling the kitbot, you should go to

Allowable dimensions for the robot can be found in the robot section of the manual.

Thank you, that info was grate!

I am now trying to find a way to mount the wheels. from what i see there isn’t (in the inclusure) anything to do that :\

We got some plans, I was wondering if any other team got some idea thy would like to share?