Chassis issue

Coming up with some dimensions after the kickoff today with our team we came to the realization that the ball could very well be larger than standard dimensions that we build our robot to, that being 23" x 32" or 34"x 22". does this mean that instead of seeing longer chassis that we will see more wide based ones to accommodate such a large game piece? If this is true, then i would be pressed to make a wider robot to be able to intake the ball, but then of course this means your width is shortened, so you have less room for your mechanisms to fold in to.

I guess what it comes down to is what are your ideas regarding chassis orientation and size?

Since it’s all based on perimeter rather than max x dimension and max y dimension like it was until 2013, you can get creative with it. A square of 28" on each side (while not creative) would be right at the max perimeter and would be able to fit a ball

while that is enough to carry the ball, you only have 4 inches of space extra for any sort of mechanisms. i mean i guess you have the 60 inches vertically to extend into.

Plus you have the 20 inches outside of the frame to work with as well - you don’t necessarily need to take the entire ball into your frame to be able to control it, you would be pretty good once you got past the diameter. Not saying that taking it completely into the frame isn’t doable - it looks like Team Copioli is trying it …

interesting. I think we also have to worry about some sort of recoil coming from any sort of shooting mechanism. obviously tipping would be bad lol

Yeah if you have a high CoG, depending on the launch angle, Newton’s 3rd Law may get angry and decide that your robot would be much better off on it’s back :wink:
EDIT - would also depend on the weight of the robot

I’ve already personally conceded that we might go wide frame this year. Depending on how you pickup the ball, you may have to.

I’ve similarly come to the conclusion that a wide frame will be optimal this year. However, as rule G24 shows, the dimensions of a robot can extend up to 20" beyond the perimeter, which is enough to create a mechanism that extends to grasp the ball (mostly) outside the robot frame.

If you want to fit the ball inside the chassis then you have to go octagonal.

I think you may want to calculate this again.

Sorry, quick sketch of AM14U cut to 30" long to show ball can possibly fit within frame:

112= 30" x 26"

That would put the robot perimeter at 120", rules limit this to 112"

The AM14U instructions show 32"x23", either long or wide.

Another possibility that’s easy to make is square, 28" long by 27" wide. That gives a bit of room for mechanisms on the sides, but is still longish.

We have already built ours 32"x32", and will get it running for prototyping, then cut it to final size AFTER we design our robot!

Mondo good idea. Thanks!