Chassis Side Dying Randomly


The left side of our chassis is randomly dying. We’ve checked wiring, programing, and mechanical but still can’t seem to find the problem! After the match both CIM motors on the left side are the same temperature, but they are slightly cooler than the right side. We have a kit of parts chassis geared to drive 10 feet per second. We have two CIM motors per side for a total of four. On each side we are using a Talon SRX motor controller for one of the motors with a Victor SPX following. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know!

Thank you!

Can you describe the symptoms of the failure? “Dying” could mean many things.

And could you describe some of your checks?

Given the information you’ve given, I would probably rule out the classic “motors turning against each other” for now (that’s extra motor heat and a lot of noise), and start looking more at the control wiring. The “random” part to me says “intermittent”, and that is often in the wiring (and really tough to chase down). Check ALL of your CAN/PWM connections, splices, and connector seating, especially the connector seating. Triple check the SRX controller first–if the SPX is following it, the SRX control wire failing will probably knock both of them out.

We had this issue as well. Idk what connections you use, our team uses Anderson power pull connectors. At the competition this happened, we had a massive short and it actually melted the plastic of the connectors. I’d check for loose connections. Don’t just look over the wiring, get your hands in there and feel all the wires. Pull on your connections, don’t just go by sight.

You can check the DS logs of the match to see exactly which motors drew current when (by PDP port) to identify if there is a wiring problem or not.

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Won’t really help if it’s a controls issue (CAN wiring)–it’ll tell you that a motor wasn’t drawing any current, but won’t tell you why.

Could you upload your driver station logs? Those contain a lot of information that will allow us to further help you.

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