Chassis Survey

I was curious to hear how many people are usig the new frame design, using the old one or a custom build?:slight_smile:

We are using a custom chassis that has about a bazillions holes in it to reduce weight. This also makes it really easy to make modifications since we don’t need to change the frame once it’s been assembled.

I am pretty sure he meant old KOP frame. We do custom, all hand made using 3/4" x 1/16" Aluminum square tubes, so far, will wait and see this season.

We haven’t use a KoP Chassis in many years. Recently we’ve done 1x2x1/8 channel and 1x1.5x1/16 box for our frames. We have our frames welded to reduce weight from bolts and brackets. The channels get swiss cheesed for attachments and weight while the tube is already pretty light, so we do attachements through strategically placed holes.

Looking at the new KOP, there are some nice point about it, and some problems with it. It’s a step in the right direction, especially with the old KOP being around for as long as it has.

That being said, I’m very very annoyed that it wasn’t released before kickoff. There’s absolutely no reason why a few images couldn’t have been shared with the community to give us an idea of what the drivetrain would be. If you assemble it to max dimensions, it won’t give away any aspects of the game (this discussion has happened already on CD).

We probably wouldn’t have gone with the kitbot this year had we know what it was. The $450 voucher would have been a lot more useful to a team with limited funds like us, but right now, we’re stuck with a kitbot we’re probably not going to use. Struggling to get funds to purchase motors and motor controllers (and other parts) because you were unable to make a reasonable decision on the kitbot since it will somehow “give away the game” doesn’t seem like a good way to start the season…

I’m not quite sure how this is the right call to make for a team that has limited funds and limited resources.

PM me, let me know what issues you are running into with the kitbot. Yes, it has it’s drawbacks, but from what I’ve seen and figured out on my own is that they are very easy to work around.

That is a very valid point. First needs to adjust their mentality about these minor things. It would help many struggling teams.

Our team is trying out the Versachassis this year. We’re planning on drilling holes to lighten the frame. In the past, we’ve gone with custom aluminum frames but the Versachassis looked too good to pass up! What drew us to it is the simplicity that it can be built with. We liked the idea of having a good, reliable frame that will be able to be built with extreme ease.

Team 4543 is going Kitbot. We have two of them going together nicely. Thanks 973

We have used many hours designing fabricating custom built drive bases to get around on the field. IMHO The 2014 drive chassis is awesome.

A elegant design is a simple one, easy to assemble, maintain, cost effective, replace broken parts, easy to modify, lightweight and strong.

The AM gang hit the mark. Add on options to 2 speed shifters, 6 CIM drive train, . That’s crazy.

Good job on this project.

The only things I see that needed was the default long configuration should have been a little wider(>24" to fit the ball within the frame perimeter. Also needs bumper mounts with quarter turn fasteners.

With some modifications we could make it fly!

Has anyone tried using the 6 inch wheels with the new drivetrain. Cause we aren’t sure about which chassis to go with, and if we choose the new one there is a good chance that we will have buy another one.

From the CAD the 6" wheels interfere with the default standoffs on the outside wheels. You would need to drill holes or make a bracket to use existing holes and pop rivet on