Chassis-Twins or single

I was just wondering how many teams are going to make 2 chassis’s this year. One for practice and one for competition. Just asking around.:slight_smile:

Our team has twins and they are at perfect health.(SO FAR):ahh:

Team 195 is making two whole robots so we can practice with the one we don’t ship. Right now we are maching parts and we just make two times the amount we need per robot.

We will probably throw together the kitbot with last year’s motors, electronics, etc. after shipdate to mess around a little bit, practice driving, but mostly practice programming (we did this last year). That and build some type of pit display.

We are assembling two full identical robots.

Two robots here.

Uno… too expensive, and time consuming (at least at the moment).

No Money = 1 Robot (Hopefully!)

Way to keep things secret Alex… But yes, we are building two identical robots. As of now both are approximately 1/2 way there, minus assembly work. Not quite sure how we got into the two robots boat, but how do other teams make the decision? Is it planned ahead or does it just fall into place after the game is announced?

One robot over here too

Same as last year, 2 full robots.

Wish Deere gave us more moolah… then we could make two robots. But as it stands right now… and for a long time coming, we’ll only have one robot. One great one though…

Same, we can hardly afford one robot!


We don’t have the time or the resources for two currently…

We already have two drivable chassis.

We built the first one over winter break, and it was available for testing on day 1 of build.

Using the g-code from the first chassis, our machinist was able to manufacture all the parts for our second chassis after school. Both chassis are sitting in our workroom.

I think this years game requires a great deal of skill, and a practice bot will be an invaluable resource.

As to being expensive, our chassis were designed to be quick and easy, using many recycled components. The only costs were the two AM shifters, and the 16 drive sprockets.

I have an only child (the robot is my baby). We are using last year’s drive train for driver practice.

wait…people acually have the time and money to make TWO robots? crazy
Thats way over our team’s head as we currently have neither the time nor money.

2 robots is not a ridiculous concept. Honestly how much money do you spend on extra parts and what not for the 1 robot you have. Yes its more expensive no arguments, but its well worth the extra money you put into it.

Team 166 is building 2 machines.

Wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our sponsor!

team 1757 is building one robot. it’s our second season and our financing-mobile is running on fumes. can we borrow one of yours?

We have one powder coated chassis for the competition robot, and another complete un-powder coated chassis for a practice robot, as well as a handful of additional backup parts. (It was actually more economical for our sponsor to punch out two complete CNC sheet metal chassis’ for us and use a complete sheet 4’x8’ sheet of 0.125" aluminum, rather than use only half of one to make a single chassis and have to store the rest in his shop until another client would need it.) :wink: