Last year as a rookie team we built the chassis to specs but had to use tank drive because the bot skipped and shuddered when turning. Shud we put the center drive wheel lower than the belt drive wheels if so how? Oblong the hole and shim it so it dont move?

Yes, the center wheel should be lower… IF you only use traction wheels. If I’m not mistaken, the KOP chassis has a dropped center hole. If it doesn’t, I’d drill a new hole–turning a hole into a slot has a tendency to not end well if you need stuff to not move.

But there are other options. For example, you could pick up some omni wheels and put them on the “light” end of the drivebase, or on the corner spots. (Don’t drop the center wheel for this configuration.) Or you could use a “wide” configuration (wheels on the short side of the chassis) which will give better turning.

You can try putting omni wheels on the 4 corner wheels. That could fix it, because the omni rollers will allow the front and back to slide.

My thoughts precisely. The easiest but worst way of fixing this is to wrap electrical tape around the front and rear pair of wheels, like our team never has done*, because it causes a lack of overall traction while not really solving the problem.
*if you’re wondering, we did this three years ago but don’t want to admit it, as it’s a poor solution.

…yep, going with Omni wheels is the best way to go. :rolleyes: