CHAT ---> Friday Night (10/27)

Posted by Lora Knepper.

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Posted on 10/26/2000 3:01 PM MST

Hey everyone – after last night, and some of the messages posted here on CD, seems like there is a calling to bring back the sched. chats at the Rambots.

Soooo…how about gathering up the gang tommorow night? Say about 8pm Eastern time? Bring the popcorn and the Dew (or Coke for the odd ones out there =) and drop on by!

Topic is open as usual (we’ve learned not to give a preset one!) So hope to see you there at the chat.

Remember, you can enter from one of 2 sites (that I know of):

and was a portal as well – Nate, I don’t know if you still are =)

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Other on team #1, ., from alumni of the juggernauts and …

Posted on 10/26/2000 8:11 PM MST

In Reply to: CHAT —> Friday Night (10/27) posted by Lora Knepper on 10/26/2000 3:01 PM MST:
juggy-rambots chat

dont let the link name fool you… i have it too :slight_smile:

for all of you people who like it in black and yellow.