Chat with other ChiefDelphi visitors while browsing the site

Here’s a new Firefox extension and service providing a chat area at the bottom of your browser. All users visiting the same site (CheifDelphi for example) appear in the same chat area. Could be cool…

Wow… whoever thought that up is a genius. If it works I’ll be even more impressed.

I remember hearing about something like this for Google’s Summer of Code. I don’t remember if it was my idea or someone elses…

i agree…it looks awesome.
its experiencing the digg effect right so its kinda slow.

/me installs…

/me learns that new registrations and temporary logins are disabled “until new hardware is up and running.” :rolleys:

Looks cool though.

Aha! I remember what the original idea was. It was for the GNOME project and the description was
“a Firefox and Epiphany extension that creates ad-hoc chat groups for people searching the web for similar items”

It was called SearchParty, the main link is down but the CorelCache is still up.