guys i think u need too get more people into the chief delphi chat somehow, cause wenever i go in no one is there, i c that people wre there but they got bored and left too. U guys need to get people into that more. Just a suggstion, im not picking on u, as people have fealt i was acting like, in certain other forums.

Most people use TigerBolt chat, and I highly recommend using that.

I dont expect people to use the chat on ChiefDelphi, becuase its slow and buggy. Its just there if it ever needs to be used, or if a few people arrange a chat.

so why dont u guys make it better?

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**so why dont u guys make it better? **

One day…

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One day… **

Knowing Brandon, he always have a Chief delphi forum to do list that have like 20 thousand things on it. Yes, making the chat room better can be helpful for people to go in and talk about robotics, but a lot of people settle using AIM or private messages.

But I do think we can use more than one chat room in FIRST… What other team’s chatroom do people remember beside the tigerbolt one?