Cheap and Dirty Receiver Issues

After wiring and rewiring a multitude of motor controllers and channel ports, we are coming across new issues. Whereas our problem before was just inverted controls on our transmitter, now it seems the receiver is not receiving any signals at all. While we believe it could be possible that it is an electrical error, we have checked wiring, and all power seems to be going through as it did before. Furthermore, our ball shooter that worked before, no longer works as well, which leads us to believe there is some issue with the transmitter and receiver. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

make sure that they are bound to eachother


The electrical has been rechecked, and we have confirmed the binding procedure, we managed to get it to a state in which the right side was inverted, and upon plugging the receiver back in, verifying the bind, it appears that the Victor 888s do not get enabled whatsoever. The lights on all 4 drive motors stay blinking orange, and even testing with a Victor SP both lights remained blinking orange. I’ve tried going to just one controller, (un)reversing the right side, but the Victors just don’t seem to enable. We’ve also tested with a second C&D system we bought at the same time.

You’ve changed motor controllers AND Q&D receivers. Are you sure the receiver is getting power? (5V IIRC)

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