Cheap Shaft Collar Substitutes

Sometimes when your team is banging out tons of prototypes, shaft collars may become a hot commodity in your shop.

In this video, I demonstrate a few of my favorite ways to substitute shaft collars on prototypes and low load mechanisms.

The tape method is my favorite for intakes because electrical tape is dirt cheap and it’s dead simple to install. Credit for this idea goes to 118. Their 2015 cheesecake used it in a couple of places where axial loading was very minimal.

The hose clamp method is something I’ve seen tons of teams do back in the day. Any time I bring it up to my kids nowadays, they look at me like I’m crazy. Holds pretty well and useful in a pinch.

I really enjoy making these kinds of videos to share some of the neat tricks I’ve seen around. Sometimes things don’t have to be pretty or glamorous to work and if you can make them faster and cheaper, you can allocate those resources elsewhere.


Tape works great – even at shield generator scale! :wink:


I can neither confirm nor deny that 7461 has run the electrical tape method on multiple competition robots when we ran out of time to make proper spacers