Check Message Length

I noticed this today whilst publishing my novella.

I hit ‘check message length’, and it said my post was something like 8,000+ characters too long, and the limit is 10,000. Well, the whole document, with spaces is only about 5,800 characters.

So, yeah. Check message length doesn’t work.

hmm… interesting.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never once used that feature. Its javascript, so im sure its a browser issue of some sort…
works on Mozilla, as far as i can tell


I got to test-drive vBulletin 3.0 yesterday.
It will be a nice upgrade, once they release it. :slight_smile: Everyone who liked threaded view – it will be back. Everyone who likes this view [linear] – it will stay. Its based on user preference.

There’s a ton of other new features. Too many to list…

when is vB 3.0 coming out? i remember you said sometime around september, and well, it’s almost september now :D.

i have no idea.

probably/hopefully a month or two