Check out our robot elevator for FTC

hey guy’s check out our robot beta elevator system for the crates.
Hope you like it, please give us your thoughts

Our FTC teams had this idea for this season.

How high does it elevate?

about 5 feet from the floor

That’s pretty cool. What are you using to actually pick up the crates? I assume this is just the elevator subassembly so to speak.

Have you checked it out with a crate and ball? I’d imagine that to be quite top-heavy and unstable.

That’s cool!

Is that the maximum speed shown in the video, or can it jet up like some of the FRC robots? How much weight can it hold max?

Nice! Make sure you guys are evaluating its lift capability with the crate and balls too!

This little video brought me back to my 2005 FRC days…good times


like we said on the post the elevator is still in its beta stage, so we are working on making it faster right now, thanks a lot for the tip anyways!!

its actually not unstable at all, and because of the gearbox we use the fact of it being a bit heavy doesn’t really matter, but thanks a lot for your tip!