Check Out The Brazil Regional!

Here are some pictures of the Structure of the Brazil Regional which is happening inside Mané Garrincha (A soccer stadium built for the 2014 world cup). Today was the opening of the event, qualifies will begin this friday (17/03)

Check out Brazil Regional Event

There are 3 fields in the area of the grass field of the stadium, each one is to one of the FIRST categories, FLL, FTC and FRC


I love this!! Does the open roof give you guys any trouble?

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This is amazing

This event is so cool! I got to figure out how to convince my team to go next year.

Not at all! The arena and pits are all very well covered.

This is the view of the frc arena:


Here are some pictures of the pits area (there are obviously more pits than the pictures show but thats what I was able to take because they were getting closed.

To keep with the tradition of every “Torneio Sesi De Robótica” we also had the iconic “Festa da amizade” wich translates to “Friendship party”. The “Festa da amizade” is a party that serve as a confraternization moment for all the teams from all categories in the event. (It also had some really good free Brazilian food like our famous “espetinho” and sodas)

We also have some beautifull photos of the Mané Garrincha after the first day of event.


Out of curiosity, who are the main funders of the Brazil Regional? It looks like you all have some next level production, activities, and extras at your event – in addition to a huge venue.


Our PDP is SESI (Serviço Nacional da Indústria), they are a national government agency, their funding comes by taxes paid by the Brazilian industry.
They also are the biggest school network here in Brazil, almost in every city you will find some SESI that is near of it, were the majority of FRC, FTC and FLL teams are teams from SESI schools.


This looks incredible. I’m really glad FRC in Brazil is back in full form!

It would be amazing to attend this event in the future.


what the heck? that’s so sick

That looks incredible.

FIRST HQ take note; Get champs out of the concrete jungle.


An update of the second day of Brazil Regional!

This was the day that all judges started visiting the teams pits, all Impact Award presentations were also all done, pratice matches were running all day and Dean’s List interviews also started happening.

One thing that I saw during the event was also a type of golf art carpolling all teams members that had any type of interview or presentation.


This was a solution to avoid the long walks to and through the parking lot of the Mané Garrincha cause all of the presentation rooms were located in the parking lot sector, we always had to first go down a ramp to acess the parking lot and then walk for almost 7/8 minutes if we were without the carpoll.

Here are some pictures of the arena during the pratice matches.

Be sure to check out the qualifies of the event tomorrow!


The third day of the Brazil Regional has just finished and It was a sucess!

50 qualifies were played this day and we have some scouting data of the 50 qualifies of the event to show that all brazilian teams were ready!

  • 139 game pieces were scored during the autonomous period

  • The teams engaged 148 times in the end game

  • 20.62 was the average scoring between all teams

  • 66 points was the best individual performance on the field

Here are some pictures of the field during qualifies!

Tomorrow we will have the last 20 qualifies, playoffs and awards celebration, be sure to check it out!


Champs in Brazil!




The Brazil Regional has come to an end last saturday and as usual here we have a little summary of what happened in the Fourth day of our regional!

Early in the morning each team played 2 more qualifies to define the rank, here is how the rank was looking for the alliance selection.

With the rank closed we had our alliance selection and here we have all 8 seeds


Here is the link to watch all the matches of the playoffs (I timestamped the time that the match 1 starts so to see the rest of the matches we have to scroll arround the livestream).

To resume the playoffs, taking the hardest path, 1th seed was the winner of Brazil Regional, we lost the match 7 to the 4th seed, climbed all the lower bracket to compete in a tiebraker against 4th seed again.

The Impact Award was given to team 7563 Megazord and Engineering Inspiration to team 9085 Mega Harpy.

(i couldn’t find any photos of the award celebration)

Congratulations to all the teams in this regional, all the teams were incredible on field and off the field, the majority of the teams were rookies and the bar was set high up to this regional so all teams gave their best.

1156 appreciates the effort of all the volunteers and judges that made this event possible and I hope see you guys next year at Brazil Regional again!


I didnt know rookies could earn Engineering Inspiration, TIL.

Very cool to see a “new” international regional be a success. Hopefully it returns next year.


In case anyone is interested, I have opened another topic specifically for scouting data on this regional. You can check it out here.

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