Check out this Robot!

So I was browsing online late last night, and I came across this robot. It is very unique. Basically, it seems like it is a “house maid” robot that will take care of daily chores and stuff. It is voice activated and responsive. So, check out this android…

The website is more than just pictures of her in the rooms, scroll down and you can get a video clip of how the hand unit works. Also, it has moldings of the face and jaw etc. It is pretty neat, and shows us the progression of robotics, computer sciences, and biology.

I dont believe it for a second - thats a department store mannequin

a dummy

and so is anyone who sends them money :ahh:

No Ken, I was not totally serious but kind of in a way. Think about it, technology is getting very close to this type of robotics and technology. I think it would be really neat as a EE to work on a project like this. I know this seems very fake, but I don’t think it is too too far away.