Check Your Falcons - Missing Loctite

While investigating our clicking/grinding issue with a Falcon, we found all 5 of the screws that held on the spline shaft had no traces of loctite. We then opened up 20 Falcons we bought this season.

Our findings:

1/3 had no loctite on any screws.
1/3 had loctite missing from a couple screws. Some of the ones with loctite were minimal.
1/3 had loctite on all screws.

Check your motors folks.


I thought his issue was fixed after the first batch of motors. Apparently not :frowning:


Brendan, we still havent checked all of ours, but as mentioned in the other thread, all of the ones we are using had no loctite on some or all of the screws for each one.
Instead of checking the rest, we will open it up anyways to double check every time we pull another one to use.


Yeah we are checking all of ours. Here on out.

Will be interesting when we upgrade our MK3 to MK4 kits soon. Our MK3 Falcons were purchased last summer.

I purchased last Fall but the ones in question were the batch I bought the week after Kickoff.

Dumb question - what happens if the bolts don’t have loctite on them?


(The thread was linked above as well by @AriMB )


To get this perfectly clear: you’re reporting that your 2021/2022 Falcons are presenting the same defect as the 2020 batches?


Probably should reach out to VexPro Support. @DRow

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VEX is already aware of this current issue.

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@nmatthes I already have a conversation started with Vex Support. Will be adding this to our follow-up, but its the weekend.

@Akash_Rastogi yes these are 2022 Falcons we just purchased that have the same issue brought up in 2020 of missing Loctite from the shaft retention screws inside the Falcon.


Thank you for confirming this and posting about this. We had been using our old Falcons (already corrected this issue in those) so far for all prototyping and testing so we did not experience use of our latest batch yet.

So, probably a basic question, but what kind of loctite do you suggest?

We have not opened ours up, but all of them arrived between June and Kickoff.

Yes. And we verified our 2021 falcons also have the same problem. I am glad this thread happened because we wouldn’t have checked our new ones.

Vex was recommending last year to use Loctite 243. The blue stuff. Loctite #243 Threadlocker Medium Strength: 10ml (.34oz) : Automotive

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In addition to the loctite Brendan linked, one of our mentors, Ulf, posted this thorough explanation of the failure and fixes back in 2020.

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Anybody else having a hard time getting the 3 shell support screws out ? the older Falcons were easy to get out - our newer ones are really hard - tried to heat them up but still not budging? We were going to leave them be until we saw this thread.

Ours always had 1 of the 3 which was hard to loosen. We just slowly worked at it.

On 3476, we also noticed this issue on Falcons recently purchased. We went through each of them, re added loctite, and ensured that the shims between the shaft and the face plate were installed.

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We just changed out shafts of 2 Falcons on a 1/12 order. One did and one did not . I guess we need to check the falcons on the swerve modules. Joy.

It is still a great motor.