Checking for leaks??

Can any one tell me some good ways for checking for leaks? are’s has a leak but its so small.
please help :confused: :confused:

If it is large you can use your ear. But most of the time if you mix up some soapy water and put it on the fittings you think are leaking. It will bubble up and you have found one of your leaks.

WINDEX!!! This stuff is the greatest. Better than AirTech in my opinion. Or any window cleaner it works awsome.

My team did the soapy water thing today and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never laughed so hard. But I will vouch that it works like a charm. It’s good for a laugh too!

Soapy water works, but some hardware stores have stuff specially made to find leaks in pneumatics. I can’t remember quite what it’s called.

Thanks every one for the tips, i will probley use the soap and water.
Nathan B.