Checking <R19>

How will the inspectors be checking for rule <R19> (the rule that says that the ball can’t go more than 3" into your frame) compliance this year? Last year to check if the trailer hitch was mounted correctly the inspectors had a plastic cut out that they used, would there be something similar to that this year? If so could someone post a picture or some drawings of it?



We have not seen the inspection checklist for this year yet so we don’t know…

When it is published, I would expect to see the grayed out link placeholder on this page to turn blue.

Since there is no rule against a ball going under your robot as long as it does not hit a mechanism, this issue may not be an inspection issue. Rather, it may be a field call by the referee…

As soon as we know what FIRST expects, I’m sure that you will see something on these forums…



That is not correct. Please read Rule <R19> carefully.


I stand corrected.

However, I still do not know what the inspection checklist will say. And more to the point of the original post, I do not know what devices or fixtures we may be using to inspect this.



ok thanks. Any idea of when they might release the check list?

I was hoping for it a while ago…

A thought for a checking device: Use a ball with a circle drawn around it like the picture here:

The distance between the plane intersecting the ball that defines the circle, and the plane that is parallel to that plane and is tangent to the ball is 3".

Now stuff the ball into any opening in the robot to see if the circle is swallowed by the robot. If so, there is a violation of <R19>.

Note that <R19> says the robot must be designed so that there can be no incursion greater than 3". Should such an incursion occur, you will get a PENALTY under <G46>. But <R19> says there should be no opportunity to get such a PENALTY, because the robot should have been designed so it can’t happen.


It is a bit late for this type of brainstorming.

Any such device, if it is going to be used, very likely already exists.

FIRST needs to provide all regionals with equal tooling and guidelines or the teams suffer from regionals with unequal inspection standards.