Checklists for 2011?

Is there any checklists for 2011?

Checklists for Robots is great, but others also are good. :slight_smile:

Yes, for double checking like I need ideas for Programming especially but I need for everything (like Programming Electrical Mechanical Minibot etc.)

Go to Manage Attachments
(its down there, in the ADditional Options)

can you email me then?

I can try uploading and if I could I would be going to tell you how :slight_smile:

sure, I’ll tell you my email address by “private message” is it ok?

We make a pre-flight and a post flight checklist for every match. (Sorry, we are an aircraft orientated team).
Some examples:
Pre flight;

  1. New battery installed
  2. Safety straps in place
  3. Air valve closed.

Post flight:

  1. Remove battery and put on charger
  2. Check for loose/missing hardware