Checkup Routines

So for our team we would like to improve checkups on our robot, before we would check the robot time to time. Our team mentor proposed having a check up routine that our Backup Operator and Technician want to perform. What are some routines your teams do?

Check all the wires, cables, pneumatics, encoders and sensors. Check all the commands on the joystick to see everything works as expected.


One of tests in a long list of checks is the health check. We run a health check after every match. It’s an automated routine during which we run all motors at various voltages while recording current draw and motor speed. We then generate an color-coded HTML report for quick diagnosis.

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We go back through and check all rivets, bolts, and then tighten everything we can. We then run a pneumatics diagnostic and mechanical diagnostic after each match. It keeps our pit engaged and gives drive team time to process any issues they found during the match.

Do any of you possibly have a sample checklist?

Here’s our 2018 checklist as well as an older version of 2019 (an updated version is still being prepped for next weekend). 1257 has been doing checklists for a few years now, and it’s been helpful for cutting down on preventable errors.

One suggestion: If you make a preventable mistake, consider adding something to check for it to the checklist for future matches. It’ll help prevent repeating that mistake.

2018 Prematch Checklist.pdf (105.4 KB)
2019 Robot Pre-match checklist.pdf (138.6 KB)

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