Cheering at nationals

Our team went to nationals two years ago and are going again this year. It was truly an awesome experience. I do have one suggestion, however. The cheering for the finals was a little underwhelming because only a few teams were lucky enough to participate among 200+ there. So here is my modest proposal: Every team should cheer for the winners from their division as their own.

Good idea?

No way man! Every person should cheer for the teams they want to see win, whether they are from their division, home state, etc. During the finals, I tend to get (lovingly) disowned by my team for rooting for a different alliance. Who you pull for is a personal decision, and shouldn’t be dictated for you.

However, I see what you mean by “underwhelming.” Championships last year could’ve used a couple hundred more decibels. Suggestion:Make a difference. Start a wave, encourage other people to cheer for their teams, smuggle in a fog horn (maybe a bad idea…), bring beach balls for people to toss around, etc.

No, I totally agree with you if you want to choose one other team that you like. I’m just suggesting an option for the masses of teams who don’t really have an interest in the results to get them cheering. Whoever it is for, JUST MAKE NOISE!