[Cheers] Spread Your Message with Cheers!

Hey everyone! Along with my launch of Megaphone, I’m launching something new. Cheers! Cheers are a way for teams/companies/individuals in the robotics community to spread their messages.


A Cheer will be sent to anyone signed up to receive notifications for a robot at an event. (Example: If I sign up to get notifications for 2337, and 2337 is attending the Kettering District, I’ll get a text message with the Cheers purchased for the Kettering District) Cheers will be strictly robotics (FRC) related, and will be sent out ~9 AM on Fri/Sat/Sun (the two days the events run). If a Cheer is bought that is not robotics related or isn’t suitable to send out, I’ll contact the purchaser and see if the message can be changed to something more suitable to the audience. If the Cheer is not changed, I’ll refund the purchase and the Cheer will not go out.

An example of a few good Cheers is below

An Organization
You’re signed up to get notifications for teams at the Central Illinois Regional! Texts for the Central Illinois Regional are sponsored by AndyMark. Follow @andymarkinc and take advantage of our new “Ship to my Pit” option at checkout!

A Team
You’re signed up to get notifications for teams at the Michigan State Championship! Texts for the Michigan State Championship are sponsored by Team 2337. Stop by Team 2337’s Chairman’s booth and pick up a special gift!

An Individual
You’re signed up to get notifications for teams at the San Diego Regional! Texts for the San Diego Regional are sponsored by FRC Top 25. Watch FRC Top 25 on Wednesday night at 9PM at livestream.com/FRCTop25

The Format
You’re signed up to get notifications for teams at the {Event Name}! Texts for this event are sponsored by {Your Organization Name}. {Cheer Text}

Cheers are my way of providing the FRC community with something useful, while keeping the lights on for Megaphone. Revenue generated by Cheers will go to paying for server costs, domain name costs, ssl certificate costs, and offsetting the cost of the text messages. Any additional revenue will go in to doing a round of some high quality stickers.

Enjoy Cheers!

Great creative way to support your work. Thanks!

Any options to pay with Pay Pal in the future?

No plans to support PayPal. Interfacing with PayPal is more of a hassle than it’s worth. Sorry!

No problem, just checking. Scheduled our first Cheer for this weekend!

Thanks again for an easy and fun way to support your support for FRC.

Mt. Olive has been Cheered by MidKnight Mayhem! This is a really great feature. Thanks for letting us support Megaphone this way. :slight_smile:

Zach, this is really awesome! I noticed you split out the days for events this week, definitely a better way to do it, IMO.

For those of us sending cheers, is there any way to get statistics on how many people the cheer went to?

Soon hopefully. I added in a confirmation email when Cheers get sent this week. The next step is to start letting people know how many people received their Cheer. Hopefully that’ll get shipped for Week 3.

What about those of us in Michigan? =(

I don’t see any Michigan events.

Most likely they have all been purchased. Event disappear from the list when someone has bought the Cheers

Yep. That’s the case. Both the Michigan events were bought earlier in the week by The Robot Space.

This is a really creative way to financially support Megaphone. Well done!

When you say 9am, is that local time to the event, or local to you in MI?

9 AM wherever the event is at. So Michigan event Cheers go out at 9 AM EST, while California event Cheers go out at 12 PM EST (9 AM PST)