Cheeseburger in Paradise

It’s summer CD, so I’m going to celebrate a summer guy.

In honor of Jimmy Buffet’s passing, how do you like your cheeseburger in paradise?

Jimmy apparently took his with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and an onion slice. I’m going to assume the French fried potato, big kosher pickle, and cold draft beer were all on the side; I’m asking about the cheeseburger itself.

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, that onion slice (or maybe three or four, I like onion), jalapeno peppers, and some brown mustard (preferably creole mustard). And the cheese should be cheddar or American.

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, real cheddar cheese (not the fake/plastic garbage), all on a fresh hamburger bun from the local bakery, is hands down my favourite way to enjoy a burger.

In a pinch I’m also a fan of just cheddar cheese and a healthy helping of ketchup.

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Hear me out. Jalapeno Jam and Peanut Butter.
It’s wild, but amazing at a local pub in town.

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I like mine with lettuce, onions, mustard and a fried egg (over hard, yoke broken)

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Lettuce, mayo, tomato (best if right out of our garden). Muenster cheese. Bacon would add to the goodness.

Cook the hamburger outside on the grill, and toast the bun on the grill too.

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In order from top to bottom

  • Top bun (Toasted)
  • Mayo/Mustard Mix
  • pan fried mushrooms (Many options, but the white button tops from major groceries suffice)
  • Swiss cheese
  • Venison burger (Medium, with added beef/pork fat, venison is a bit lean on its own for a burger)
  • Onion (rings preferred, but diced suffice)
  • Lettuce
  • Mayo/A1 sauce mix
  • Bottom bun (Toasted)

Serve Right side up, held upside down (fluffier top bun absorbs juices better without dissolving)

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A favorite from nearby the lynn’s ultimate from Goog’s Pub Grub.

Mushroom Swiss on top, Olive Burger on the bottom.

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Been ordering the same P.Terry’s burger since moving to Austin. Number 1 All the way with grilled onions and pickles, side of fries, and a coke.

Best burger in town.

Recently ordered an Impossible Whopper at a roadside food court during a highway trip in India. It was exactly like I remembered getting in Michigan a few years ago, when they were a novelty. Not paradise, but not bad.

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Double double, mustard fried, no spread or tomato, pickles on the side. Fries light-well

Oh wait is this where we were supposed to place our in n out orders?


You know you’re supposed to get the fries animal, not just the patties, mate.

Fast food: Double-Double animal style, in a close race with a Santa Barbara Char (Habit).
Less fast: Bleunami (Islands).


I’ll add another vote for the Santa Barbara Char! I work about half a mile from the original Habit, so i eat my fair share. I’m eating one right now…

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Not familiar with an olive burger. Is this an olive salad, or straight olives, and either way black, green, or mixed? [I keep a jar of olive salad in the fridge at work to make a subway’s spicy italian into an approximation of a muffeletta, so I might give this a shot).

Care to elucidate for those of us a whole state away?

An olive burger is a michigan delecacy. Green Olives (usually chopped or sliced) in a mayo or Aioli spread. Burger will vary with other toppings such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, etc.

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Must be a west side phenomenon, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that over here on the east side of the mitten. (Sounds delicious though, I’ll have to find one next time I’m out that way!)