Cheesy Arena and Robot Radio config

I have been bench testing the Cheesy Arena for an upcoming event I will be helping with. I have the Cheesy Arena compiled and running on a PC. I’m using the basic networking configurations for using a of the shelf wifi router. (At the event we plan to use the suggested Switch and Routers) I have been able to connect a DriverStation in to the switch and Cheesy Arena detects it. My robot will not connect to the WiFi AP. if I connect the robot to the AP with a cable Cheesy Arena will detect the robot and I can run the simulated match.

Status lights on the Robot Radio has NO activity on the Wifi. Are there any other things to check or can anyone suggest setting to try?

I can Connect Other PC’s to the Wifi AP

I assume you’ve read though this – if not, probably worth doing.

Have you configured the radio? Security might be an important area to check. Without knowing anything more, this would probably be where I’d focus.

Cheesy Arena can be ran in Basic as described HERE

The Radio has been configured via the instructions found on the link I just shared labeled 3. Read this guide from WPI

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It looks as though no “WiFi” LED on the radio indicated bridge mode, which is right in this configuration. However, the documentation isn’t super clear here. Getting the SSID and WPA key to match between the radio and your router is critical, double check this if you have not already done so. By far, the most likely problem is the link between the radio and the router, since the radio does seem to be in bridge mode.

I’d try to see what’s on the 10.0.100.x/24 subnet, either via browsing to your router and seeing what DHCP addresses it has given out, or by using a tool such as arpscan (Linux) or arp (Windows) – there are how-to’s you can find with a search.

I have to believe I entered the ssid and was keys correctly at least once. I may try to try different ones to verify.

I have used the Connected device tab in the router with no indication of the robot or the DriverStation even though the DS was working. I wrote that off as it might only report device on the 10.0.100.x network not the network. I will use some of the tools you referenced in the next round.

Apparently unknow to me that Offseason Radio configurations are limited to the 5Ghz spectrum. So I need to come up with a WiFi router with 5Ghz Wifi to continue Connection tests.


You wouldn’t want to run a competition on 2.4 ghz, it’s too congested.

Sure makes sense. Might make sense to include the 5Ghz requirements to the basic Networking with off the shelf routers.

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