Cheesy Drive Help, JAVA

Good morning,
Rookie Team here BOOTSTRAPS! from Littleton, N.C., We are headed to States this weekend and were trying to do some upgrades to our robot.

We just switched to the upgrade Andy Mark AU to a 8 wheel drop with 6 brushless motors. We’re on a PS style controller (logitech)

I’m looking for the coding for best driving on 8 wheel. I heard the Cheesy drive is pretty awesome but I can’t find the coding for it on here.

Thank you! Good luck to all!

DifferentialDrive m_drive = new DifferentialDrive(leftMaster, rightMaster);

public void teleopPeriodic() {
    m_drive.curvatureDrive(leftY, rightX, rightBumper)

Curvature Drive is the same as Cheesy Drive, but without the branding.

Using the WPILib Classes to Drive your Robot — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

There are also curvature static methods that you can use if you don’t use the DifferentialDrive class to drive, but want to use some of the benefits of it.

We do that to use SlewRateLimiters to keep our slightly top-heavy robot from tipping over.

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