CHeeSy view of Doswell

Greetings CD,

After taking a few days off to relax and play with my kids, I can reflect on what happened in Doswell over the weekend.
First, a few comments to a few teams.

122: Great performance! Putting up the numbers you did during Finals with just two bots was inspirational.

346: Maybe the best all around robot at the event and the EI to boot? Sweet… Glad to get the opportunity to play with you again. You are an awesome team. We look forward to working with you at CHCMP. PS: I haven’t forgotten about your cookies.

384: Congrats on yet another Chairman’s award in the Central Virginia area. CA in 4 out of the past 6 years in a huge accomplishment and we can’t wait to see you at District Champs

401: One of the toughest teams we have faced this year. Really awesome shooter and intake mechanism, it made for a crazy powerful and consistent high goal shot. (see below)

422: impressive robot and even more impressive work in your community. We look forward to seeing what you bring in College Park. One of these days we will be on the field with the same color bumpers.

540: Great performance from our friends and neighbors at 540. Well deserved award and we loved your enthusiasm, especially when you were cheering for us and chanting our team number during elims. Wicked defense in elims, too. Thanks for the Henrico solidarity, we appreciate the support. 5-4- OOooOOoooOOohh!

3359: So glad to experience your first elimination games and win with you. Best of luck in the future.

5279: Despite our rough performance for much of the competition, you believed in us and trusted that we could pull through as your alliance partner for eliminations. We were extremely happy to play with such a consistent, well built robot. The matching red, white, and blue robots added a nice touch to our alliance. Congrats on your first win!

5546: You were a solid performer all weekend. You are shaping up to be a new Virginia powerhouse. Keep it up!

5804: An amazing mix of new and old! More good things to come, I am sure.

About the event:

As many of you know, I was not a fan of going to districts. I felt, and still feel, that there are not enough volunteers at key positions to make this sustainable. Putting that aside, this was the best run event I have ever attended. We ran into a rather weird connection problem throughout the event. After some help from the technical staff:Matt, Kyle, Jim, and “that other guy with Jim” (Sorry! I didn’t get your name), we were able to determine that there was a work around to our problem. The staff was more interested in making sure that the students got to play at their best as opposed to keeping to a schedule. Julia was SO patient with us on the field. They all knew we would connect EVENTUALLY and they had no problem waiting on us. We all got so good at the procedure we were able to get the robot ready before the introductions were over. Your support, knowledge, and patience is the epitome of Gracious Professionalism. Thank you! On a personal note: I owe a queuer a public apology. During the Semifinals I snapped at you when you were doing your job. What you told me was incorrect, but you were doing what you were told. Even though I apologized a few minutes later, it should never have happened. You were taking time out of your day to help us out. You should not have been fussed at by anyone. Again, I am sorry for snapping at you.

About the Eliminations:

The eliminations at the Central Virginia Event gave us some of the hardest fought matches that we’ve ever played. There was a very competitive level of play from the opposition in all of our matches. Quarters was exciting to watch and semis had the whole team on the edges of their seats. After the conclusion of finals #1, we knew that 401 was having drivetrain issues. 5279 was having their own issues trying to fix a broken manipulator on their robot. It came to my attention that 401 needed more time to fix their drive belt. I went to the alliance Captain and asked him about using our timeout. He agreed. He then proceeded to talk to field staff. He was informed that the request was placed too late and there would not be another timeout. When 401 did not make it on the field my drive team was totally bummed. One of them said, “This does not feel the same as Blacksburg. This feels wrong.” There are those who feel the red alliance did not do enough to assist 401. We did EVERYTHING in our power to give them more time. We all wish 401 could have been on the field. If it were up to us, they would have been there. The rules did not allow it. 1086 can’t wait to play with and against 401 in College Park. We can’t wait to see you there!

Thanks, we had our eyes on you guys all weekend hoping you would get everything straightened out in time for eliminations. You really hit your stride Saturday morning, and kept it up all day. I mentioned it to your other mentors, but your pit crew was extremely impressive during eliminations. I have been involved with a lot of teams, but few have seemed has well prepared for Saturday afternoon as you guys were.

Agreed 100%, after very exciting semi finals and finals match 1, it was deflating to play the last finals match against a 2 robot alliance. We wanted to take the timeout, get our robot right, and give 401 a chance to get back out there. Unfortunately the rules wouldn’t allow it. We are looking forward to playing with and against all the teams in College park.

Congrats Guys on the third Blue Banner. Keep up the good work at District Champs.