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So I am trying to make a bot for taking email and automatically posting them on chief Delphi for my robotics team but I am searching for an API because I kind of don’t wanna setup a sweeper script.
So just for a summery I would like to know if there are any chief Delphi API because the ones i founds were from like 5 years ago.

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First question: Why do you want these emails posted to Chief Delphi?
Second question: What is in these emails?
Final answer: I do not believe that there is a ChiefDelphi API but anyone is free to prove me wrong.

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Okay so my team is trying to have a blog showing what we are doing how we are making the robot and our progress
what is in the emails is just telling the team what the people build that day for the people who did not go

Probably easier to have a student compile these into a daily (or weekly depending on time constraints) writeups for a build thread instead, similar to Specturm’s and the Grasshoppers.


Chief Delphi (the site) runs on Discourse, which definitely has an API. That said, posting to CD tends to require API keys. If your intent is to simply render posts from the site, having a build thread and using the posts API described here might work, but there’s also a rate limit making that difficult.

Just linking a build thread like Open Alliance teams have, (like @MikLast called out) is likely your best move.


Thank you guys for telling me about this things I will take a look

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There is a Discourse Python library which I’ve used to scrape posts off of chief delphi - here’s the code that I’d used if you need an example: CasseroleDiscordBotPublic/markovChainGen at master · RobotCasserole1736/CasseroleDiscordBotPublic · GitHub

I’ve not tried the api’s to push content up to it though.

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