Chelsea High School RoboSumo Competition

Chelsea High School is hosting a sumo robotics competition September 30, 2006. Obviously, we’re looking for interest in the local community as well as anyone else who would be able to attend. Here are the terms:

Date: September 30, 8am-6pm; teams must register by September 15 (if you’re interested, please register as soon as possible)
Total Capacity: 64 teams
A team consists of up to six members and one robot
Cost: $75 per team
Location: Chelsea High School
740 North Freer
Chelsea, MI 48118
(about ½ hour away from Ann Arbor)

CONTACT: [email protected]
Please email the contact for more information, as well as registration forms and competition rules. An email to this contact address will add you to the sumo robotics google group.

I’m sorry…what is a sumo robotics competition?

see this thread

Sorry–I ought to have explained this better in the first post. I’m not totally sure that the sumo competition referenced in the Mr. Hancoc’s thread is exactly like ours, so I’ll elaborate a little. Basically, our competition consists of two small robots in an 8’ circle. The objective is to push the other team’s robot out of the ring without falling off yourself. The first team to fall off of the ring is the loser, and points are added up accordingly. I’ll post the rules, too. Sorry about the confusion–Anna

sumo rules.doc (35 KB)

sumo rules.doc (35 KB)

do the robots get to wear sumo apparel? :smiley:

hello all–
Sadly, our sumo event has been postponed until September of 2007. However, if you’re still interested in participating, please email our contact for information pertaining to the event. Hope to see you all there next year!

Lightning Robotics also has a Sumo Bot Competition. Instead of VEX we use Kelvin Sumo Cars Kits, alot less expensive than VEX Kits. The whole competition is a hybrid of Sumo and Battle Bot Competitions.

Lightning Robotics Sumo Bot Competition

We recieved a flyer for this in Atlanta. I didn’t look at it too long, so I was assuming teams would be bringing their FRC robots and using them to Sumo.

If that was the case, all we’d need is 1138 to come up from California and dominate the competition.

It would be very fun and interesting to see and compete in, but NH is a bit far from MI. :frowning: