CHESAPEAKE 2008 PHOTOS from team 2120 UK!!

Hi all,

We had an AWESOME time in Annapolis and i have stuck some pictures on my website.

There are various teams in the pics plus the Team 75 social evening.

A HUGE THANKS to each and every person who helped all the UK teams out.

For pictures please take a look at and look in the ROBOT section.:yikes:




I am glad your team had a great time! I was an inspector last year and had a great time working with the UK teams in the pits. You all know how to have a fun time. This year I was on the field and I enjoyed watching the UK teams in action. You all have a great fun-loving attitude and understand that while it is nice to win, the real goal is to learn, have fun and get the most out of the event. I hope you keep coming back. Bring more UK teams next year!

Dave Franc