Chesapeake Award Video (Please read if you were at Robofest on April 28th)

Today when we were at Robofest (an event held by the Historical Electronics Museum on the projects one of the teams was showing several videos on the projector. One of the videos was us (Team 1111) winning the on Johnson and Johnson Sportsmanship award. I noticed that the videos were the same as those on the screen at the competition, so I assumed that the videos were obtained from the webcast. Once I got home I found out that there was no webcast for Chesapeake. Does anyone have the video of 1111 winning the award, or does anyone know where I could obtain it?

The teams at robofest were 1111, 888, 1724, 1748, and I think there was one more, so I will also be getting in touch with them about the videos, so if you are from those teams please help out.

I checked SOAP108 because they usually have the awards ceremonies, but currently it seems SOAP108 is down so if you still can’t get the file soon, try to check back there and you will probably be able to get it there!

SOAP 108 Link


Thanks, I will keep trying to see if it comes back online. In the meantime does anyone know of other sources?

That would be 1727 (not 1724) and the other team would be 768 from Woodlawn at the event today.
If you send me an email, I would be happy to forward on to the main and alternate contacts from the teams participating today. Send to [email protected]

Chesapeake wasn’t webcasted, and therefor the webcast could not have been captured by SOAP (or anyone else). So, it won’t be on SOAP…

Well, there’s always the possibility that someone recorded the matches and awards by hooking a VCR up to the video feed at the competition. I know some teams do that.