Chesapeake scoring error?

*Can someone please explain how the 10-10 score was calculated from the attached Twitter feed ?

My best guess is that I think the refs have a station where they can input fouls as they occur. But if they don’t, they can verbally tell the scoring table. I remember seeing a score that didn’t add up because of a missing foul; it might have been this one.

I know the student drive team are the only people who can get a score adjusted; I pointed out a missed foul and they just said, get a kid to report it.

So if I understand you correctly, if this occurs then the Twitter feed never gets updated/corrected ?

I recall wondering the same thing when that score came up. It did not show a penalty, but showed the final score on the screen immedatiely after the match as a 10-10 tie, even though the numbers didn’t add up. So it was not something that was adjusted after the match via a student challenge.

Right, it was 10-7 until the end, then the 10-10 score popped up. Everyone with good eyesight (not me) could see that the foul score was 0, not 3. But I saw the ref call the foul after he had left his station. I couldn’t figure out what the foul was about.

Thank you for that insight.

If that’s the case there appears to be a bug in the Twitter feed process. The score got reported as 10-10 in the Tweet but the Foul Points were not reported.

Yes, Steve Shade (Head Ref) announced after the match score was displayed that there was a penalty and ultimately caused the match to be tied at 10.

I did not catch the foul call, but do know he announced a 3 point foul.

Why it was not shown on the screen/fms beats me though…

Since George said that the foul was not displayed on the screen either, I would consider it a data entry problem, and not a twitter problem.

That might not be the case with the foul.

Team 237 talked to the head referee on the matter of the bonus points scored during hybrid. He said that the ball scores when it passes through the hoop. With the way the clock system goes straight to tele-operated mode with no delay in between, a ball that was scored during hybrid might not be counted until after tele-operated starts. The referee said that if that happened, they would note it and adjust the score after the match had concluded, not during. This happens to us on our second shot, and if we tell the referees about this, then it would help to verify the score of a match.

Agreed. By “Twitter feed process” I meant the whole process (chain of events) including data entry.

I know it’s a minor thing that few people care about, but I wonder if there is a continuous-improvement lesson to be learned here; perhaps a process change of some sort. I came across several other similar errors when studying the data, so it’s not a one-time thing, and likely to recur.

Steve Shade.