Cheval auto club!

Calling all members of the cheval auto club!! This must have been done in an official match (no practice fields, or at homes)!

Team 587 is a member, having crossed in auto during the Campbell university event last weekend during quarter finals.

3824 and 2481 were on the winning alliance at Smoky. Both did it multiple times. First video has 2481 doing cheval and 3824 doing portcullis in auto for 50 pt auto (3rd team crossed)

In this case 3824 did cheval and 2481 did rock wall

Quals 78 at the finger lakes regional during auto 1126 was able to successfully cross the chival spit a ball out then cross back over the chival.

As for the rest of our matches at Pittsburgh and FLR we were able to consistently cross the chival during auto.

Wrong link for 2481

Team 238 proudly able to say we have been able to do it and low goal score at one point. Here’s crossing Cheval at SF 2 at Boston.

Team 818, Steel Armadillos, could do a cheval de frise auto at Center Line:

4819, The Flat Mountain Mechanics did it countless times at East Kentwood District

We did it every possible match at FIM St. Joseph… It’s that or the Portcullis :smiley:

1156 did it many times during Iowa and Long Island regional

One of the matches:

1038 is in the club. Only video I could find.

We did it several times. We also did the Portcullis in Auto in a match.

I was just about to post a video of you guys, beat me to it:)

2706 can’t claim official membership because we never successfully did it in a match, but we did have an auto mode for it in North Bay that worked in a practice field. When we tried it on the real match, the distance was just slightly too short and the robot spent all of auto pushing against the cheval trying to reach the predetermined location where it would “drop and fly”. At least we got the reach points…

3260 is happy to be apart of this club! We got this autonomous routine working along with a portcullis auto at the Queen City Regional. By the end of auto we use on board vision processing to line up with the goal.

Team 694 is a very special member of the cheval auto club, having joined by using an untested auto during semifinals at our first regional.

We had been planning on running our rockwall auto for semifinals but our encoders got damaged, causing our robot to flip on the rockwall

We had a cheval auto that we had tested on our wooden practice field, and we couldn’t risk flipping again, so we decided to just run it, figuring that the encoder issue would, at worst, cause us to only get a reach in auto.

It was… dramatic, to say the least.

After this match, the opposing alliance was forced to pick portcullis against us, even though we had an alliance partner with a passive portcullis mechanism.

3310 and 148 both have CDF auton

Same for 3844.

4301 did it in quals 48 at Hub City and (I forgot which elims match).

4488 has been part of the cheval club since week 2.

2959 is a member. We did it many times at LSSU (the last time I counted, we did it 6 times and we were only on our 7th match of quals), as well as many times at Lansing the week before.

(The Sally Port is in the way, but you can still pretty clearly tell we did it!)

Team 503 did it several times at Lake Superior State University, this being one of them: