Chezy Champs 2015 - exciting news!

We are writing today with some exciting news!

Last summer, Chezy Champs became a game changer in the FIRST world.

Today, we are proud to announce that Tem 254 is about to change the game again, for the better! Beginning this year, we are expanding Chezy Champs by bringing our corndog exposition to two Chezy Champs host venues.

Why are we so excited about this expansion? We all know how transformative the Chezy experience can be. We want more kids to feel the passion and power that comes with being part of Chezy Champs.

In addition, by hosting Chezy Champs in multiple venues, we seek to reduce the travel distance and associated travel expenses for a significant number of teams. Chezy Champs East will take place on the north end of Bellarmine’s campus, and will accommodate northern California teams, while Chezy Champs West will take place on the south end of Bellarmine’s campus, and serve as a more convenient travel destination for SoCal and out of state teams.

We continue to witness substantial growth of interest in our mission, mista Ej, and corndogs. Far beyond what we can currently accommodate, a growing number of young people are eager to participate and compete in our ironic, international celebration; yet due to space limitations, and sometimes travel costs, only a small fraction of teams can participate in Chezy Champs.

Therefore, this year, rather than creating a new tier of Chezy Champs qualification to allow more teams to compete, Tem 254 will host two Chezy Champs event on subsequent weekends. Do we have the volunteer resources to run two 400+ team events in a row? We aren’t sure, but we understand volunteering is relatively easy and a negative interaction with a volunteer is unlikely to sour a team’s impression of Chezy Champs.

Remember: even though you won’t be competing with the best of the best, you’ll still be competing with some of the best which is okay, right?

Thanks tems.

Nice now I just need to be able to fly out to the west coast for multiple weeks.

It hasn’t even been twelve hours and this has started…

This might be the greatest thing I have ever read.

I love you, Chezy Pofs.

Fixed just for my friend Gregor.

Chezy champs north for norcal teams and chezy champs south for socal teams? Where do central valley teams go? D:


Should we bring our robot? Our team is in it for the experience not competition.

We got you! Just wait until 2021 when we debut Chezy Champs South, taking place in Toronto, ON!


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I see what you did there…

We’ll be there just as long as you guarantee that we get a blue participation banner. … And medals for all our kids would be a nice touch.

I’d imagine robots are not required All you need to do is show up in your team shirts and do the chicken dance and yell “Robot” loudly.

No, Chezy Champs east for norcal and Chezy Champs west for socal (and out of state teams aka everyone to the east)

“But we understand volunteering is relatively easy and a negative interaction with a volunteer is unlikely to sour a team’s impression of Chezy Champs”

True, the only thing that upsets me at events is when someone out graciously professionals me. Those cheeky bastards…

For anyone super confused about this. Read this first.

I say we have California vs. Everyone Else

Do we all qualify if we registered for the season and fielded a robot? I assume there’s more than enough room for all the active teams given the additional facility…

Suggestion - Cheddar division and Parmesan division.