Chezy Champs 2016

Team 254 Presents: Chezy Champs

When: Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 2016 (With Friday Night Load-In)
Where: Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, California
Registration: $300 ($600 for field-side pit)

Team 254 is excited to announce that Chezy Champs is returning for the third year! This will be an off-season FRC tournament and we will be playing the 2016 FRC game, Stronghold, with some modifications. As in past years, the focus of the event is on the team experience and we hope teams will have a great time while enjoying an entertaining show.

Fill out this application form. If more teams than we have room for apply before the deadline, selections will be made based on criteria that include competitiveness, locality, and other factors.

Application Open: May 25
Application Closed: June 10
Team List Finalized, Invitations Sent: June 13

We need many volunteers to make Chezy Champs a success! If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form.

Sounds fun. Application sent.

We’re stoked! Application sent.

Awesome! Can’t wait for the game updates!

sent in a volunteer form! :slight_smile:

When will game updates be announced?


Application in progress. This is a great event and a wonderful trip to the Bay Area for us. We hope to attend for a 3rd year!

Applied. Excited to play at the best CA offseason.

Applied on behalf of Team 4276!

Applied for 2073.
Volunteer app submitted.

Is there a way I can sign up to volunteer only if we aren’t accepted?

The volunteer form will be open for a while after we announce invited teams.

Great, thanks!


Always a fun event. Can’t wait to see what rule changes will be implemented.

We hope you will consider us again for a place. We have a great time down there with our new friends…

SOTAbots are applied and ready to go! Hope to see you all down there!

Reminder to all that we’ll be closing applications on Friday.

Application form is here.

We’ll be accepting application up to midnight tonight (PST). Please reach out to us if you have any issues with the application.

We have received quite a bit of interest and will likely not be able to fit all the teams who applied. Teams who are not accepted or who apply late will be put on a wait list.

Invites still going out today?